What is the nature of muscle ? By what means is its properties stimulated?
Must it always be blown up with heavier and heavier poundages, or, like a tree , a steady stream of constant nourishment is enough to carry it from small sprout to vine?
Oddly enough , the last method works – a study done with circuit training – a type of training in which the muscles of various groups are stimulated back to back to back with minimal to no rest in between sets leads to sizes growth similar in nature to single sets with increased overall weight. Apparently this method, according to the study, not only quickens the heart rate and circulations, but also facilitates muscle growth. One would think only muscle endurance would be improved – a separate property from muscle strength in which, for example a superior strengthened athlete can do more max weight with an exercise but one superior in endurance can do more reps with less weight – however it now appears circuit training may accomplish both.
The nature of doing circuits also is believed to be more tailored to muscle fiber sculpting then assimilation of larger fibers – which is why many use this form of training prior to competitions to bring out more detail in the house of musculature they’ve assembled.
One wonders ever how much one can improve overall build while only doing this method  (the muscle never encounters stress related to a new heaviar demand) but its benefits are still visible.